An exciting development was announced last week when Adani Mining outlined plans to operate a business centre in Rockhampton to encourage the recruitment and contracting of local businesses in the region.

This means that along with Townsville, Rockhampton will now act as a primary employment hub for the forthcoming Carmichael Mine Project, which is now in its construction phase.

Adani Mining Job Opportunities

Employment Opportunities To Deliver Growth To Region:

Such a move signals a strong future for the mining industry in the Central Queensland region, which already contributes 1.2 billion in wages across 13,000+ full-time positions (2017-2018).

The project is set to continue to deliver growth and prosperity to the region, with Adani confirming 3,750 positions will be allocated to central Queensland residents. linking directly or indirectly to the construction phase of the mine.

How To Up-Skill

For The Mining Industry:

Adani Mining Job Opportunities

Now is the perfect time to up-skill yourself! Ensure you’re a prime candidate for one of the many positions soon to be on offer. If you’re new to the mining industry, check out our How To Enter The Mining Industry With No Mining Experience article to find useful tips and tricks to get yourself ready.

Generally the best place to start is by obtaining your Generic Mining Induction  (GIQ/Standard 11) and Heavy Vehicle Drivers Licence (We’d recommend at least a HR licence but depending on your goals and level of experience, you may require a different licence class – refer to Everything You Need To Know To Upgrade Your Heavy Vehicle Driver Licence to brush up on your truck licence knowledge).

Already working in or have previous experience in the mining industry? Perhaps stepping into a supervisors role by completing your S1, S2, S3 or G2 training would be suited to you.

Perhaps revisiting your machinery skill-set and adding mining competencies of regularly utilized machinery (see here) to your repertoire could put you in good stead for an employment opportunity with the Carmichael Project.

Register Your Interest:Mining Jobs In Rockhampton

If you’re interested in gaining employment with the Carmichael Project, you can register your details as an expression of interest here: Adani: Work With Us

Do you have some unanswered questions about getting involved in this project? Check out the Carmichael Project Jobs FAQs here.

For more information about employment opportunities for this project or how you can up-skill to position yourself as a prime candidate for recruitment, contact us on 1300 000 737 or email SDS Training at