R U OK? day is nationally recognised as a day to raise awareness and remind everyone of the importance of stopping to ask their friends, family, colleagues and even the person serving you at the grocery store, “R U OK?” with the aim of empowering one another to find the courage to speak up if we’re struggling.

Alarmingly, the construction industry has a heightened rate of suicide when compared to other industries. Each year approximately 190 construction workers take their own lives, with workers in this industry six times more likely to lose their lives at the hands of suicide than through a workplace accident.

How Do I Start A Conversation? 

Follow these 4 simple steps if you’re having trouble broaching the topic of  R U OK?:

It can be daunting to ask someone this question if you think they might be struggling – but this is exactly why you should ask.

It’s important to pick the right moment to ask R U OK? and prepare yourself for the possible implications of different responses.

Remember to ask yourself if you’re ready, if you’re prepared and if you’ve picked the right moment to broach a potentially sensitive topic.

How Can I Get Involved In R U OK Day?

There are heaps of R U OK? day events happening all over the country to help spread the message – You can find a full list of registered events here.

R U OK? event organizers also have official merchandise available for purchase to promote the day and are encouraging everyone to wear yellow on the day!

Can’t find an event near you? Why not host your own event? You can find all the information and resources you’ll need to set-up your own event here!