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Verification of Competency: Experienced? How To Have Your Skills Verified With VoC

What is VoC? VoC is an acronym for ‘Verification of Competency’. In many instances, employees may be licensed to operate machinery or complete site-specific tasks, yet may lack knowledge and skills to safely and effectively execute. Verification of competency ensures that individuals are actually competent to carry out their assigned work.   What Factors Influence […]

R U OK? Day: Constructing a Conversion Around Mental Health

R U OK? day is nationally recognised as a day to raise awareness and remind everyone of the importance of stopping to ask their friends, family, colleagues and even the person serving you at the grocery store, “R U OK?” with the aim of empowering one another to find the courage to speak up if […]

Mining Job Opportunities As Adani Announces Rockhampton As Employment Hub

An exciting development was announced last week when Adani Mining outlined plans to operate a business centre in Rockhampton to encourage the recruitment and contracting of local businesses in the region. This means that along with Townsville, Rockhampton will now act as a primary employment hub for the forthcoming Carmichael Mine Project, which is now […]

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How Mark Went From Unemployed To A Certificate III Qualification (And It Was Funded!)

Trying Times: From time to time we all find ourselves stuck in a rut. Confidence dips, we become unsure of our capabilities and we tend to chronically underestimate what we are capable of achieving. Sound familiar? Well, you’re certainly not alone! This is exactly where young Mark Connolly found himself earlier this year. That was […]

How To Set (And Stick To) Your New Years Resolutions

Just like that it’s good-bye 2018 and hello 2019! (side note: can you believe it’s 2019?!) Whilst we can appreciate there is a period of adjustment as far as a new year is concerned (think adamently swearing to work off your Christmas feast(s), trying to locate your brain upon returning to work and reminding yourself […]

5 Tips To Nail Your Next Job Interview

So you’ve landed an interview for a job you really want. There’s only one problem – You’re terrible in interviews. Between sweaty palms, fumbling over your words and endless awkward forced laughter (admit it, you know exactly the laugh I’m referring to), you can barely remember your own name let alone impress the interviewer with […]

Chain of Responsibility Legislation Changes & How It Affects You

Did you know that working in the heavy vehicle driving industry is the most dangerous occupation in Australia? Yep, you read that right! In fact, during the 12 months to the end of June 2018, a staggering 169 people died from 155 fatal crashes involving heavy trucks. As you can imagine these numbers were simply […]