AllevE8 is a government initiative that allows senior students to undertake a HLT23215 Certificate II in Health Support Services.

With classroom based practical experience and 20 days of structured work placement within the fastest growing industry in Australia – Health.


GenR8 provides Year 12 students with the opportunity to undertake a TLI21815 Certificate II in Logistics.

With wide job applications that include transport, warehousing, importing, exporting and more – you get 20 days of structured work placement within the industry.


School based traineeships and Work@Schools programs are a perfect way to students to accelerate their progression into the work force.

Explore the job opportunities available and career choices with real world experience whilst still at school. A great jump start into the work force.


Traineeships are everywhere and the Queensland Government and Department of Education provides these pathways for people to learn on the job and secure work.

With hundreds of available options, you can choose a career path, find an employer to support you, and get the training to become excellent at what you do.