What is VoC?

VoC is an acronym for ‘Verification of Competency’. In many instances, employees may be licensed to operate machinery or complete site-specific tasks, yet may lack knowledge and skills to safely and effectively execute. Verification of competency ensures that individuals are actually competent to carry out their assigned work.  

What Factors Influence A Decrease In Competency?

  • Performing tasks on an infrequent basis.
  • Changes to legislation/industry standards.
  • Upgrades in equipment/advancements in relevant technologies.

For this reason, knowledge and skills of workers must be regularly and independently reviewed to ensure workplace health and safety standards are met. 

How To Maintain Competency:

  • Regular refresher training to address legislation/industry standard updates.
  • Accessing non-accredited training via an RTO to verify competency.

Tailoring a VoC program to suit your workforce?

SDS Training has considerable experience developing and administering tailored VoC’s to suit a range of different industry sectors:

  • Transport (Load Restraint, Heavy Vehicle Driving – Pre-employment / Corrective Improvements)
  • Light Machinery (Chainsaw, Brushcutter, Mower, Compactors etc)
  • Earthmoving Machinery (Roller, Skidsteer, Front-end Loader, Excavator, Dozer, Grader, Telehandler etc.)
  • Short Course: Working at Heights & Confined Space Refresher/VoC’s
  • High Risk (Forklift, EWP, Dogging, Rigging, Scaffolding, Cranes etc)

If there are specific elements that you’d like to focus upon – let us know and we’ll tailor the training to suit.

Take Your Skills To The Next Level:

Construction Skills Queensland (CSQ) provides funding for training of workers in the construction industry, including:

Interested in having your knowledge and skills verified by one of our trainer and assessors? Give us a call on 1300 000 737 or email us at info@sdstraining.edu.au to kick-start your training today!