Training doesn’t just happen in the classroom or online – if you approach life as a “continual lesson”. We asked some of our training team what was the best advice that they’d heard or received with some interesting results… so interesting in fact that we had to clarify what exactly they meant when applied to a training/learning context – here’s some of the best:

“No such thing as can’t – only won’t” – don’t let your mindset (or others) get in the way of achieving your goals

“Be your best at all times” – try and be the best you possibly can… not only does it help you with a positive mindset – it will help others around you.

“Knowledge is no burden to carry” – the acquisition of knowledge is a continuum of life that enhances – personally and professionally.

“Learn-to-earn” – My family always wanted what was best for me & despite not being academic – they continued to support me in my ambitions to better myself… and those around me.

“Double your money in half the time” – better yourself and you’ll be better off!

“Risk-it-for-the-biscuit” – Don’t be afraid to learn new things; if you want something bad enough and you can apply yourself – you can achieve what you want!

“Work smarter – not harder” – with knowledge and experience there’s opportunity of doing things better, quicker, easier.

“Think outside the box” – there might be a better way or a different way of achieving things – don’t be constricted in a set way of doing things.

“Wish in one hand and pee in the other – see what get’s full” – I guess it was my old man’s way of telling me to go and get something if I wanted it – make it happen and don’t sit back and wait for it to be given to me.

“Success is getting up one more time than you fall down” – no one plans or expects to fail… it is likely to happen… but it’s how you pick yourself up and keep at it that determines your success.

“Focus on the journey” – remember the ultimate goal, but also focus on the steps along the way.

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started” – half the battle is deciding to do something and get to the start line; the rest can be pretty easy.

It’s interesting to see the comments that resonated with our team members but a common theme exists…. embrace life’s lessons both in-and-outside the classroom and you’ll do well!