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So you’ve just signed up to a new course at SDS Training but the last time you studied was forever ago in High School. Here was some science-backed study tips!

Turn all mobile devices off!

An age old classic distraction! Removing the temptation of social media, phone calls, text messages and the list is endless with your mobile phone. This also includes music, listening to music such as rap can disrupt the way you absorb information. Research has shown listening to classical music helps people study. Turn it off or remove it from your study zone and you’ll thank yourself later!

Designated study space.

Having a space which is exclusively for study improves your overall motivation.  Acquiring all the study materials required and move any possible distractions. This is going to kick start your brain into over drive and achieve!

Make goals!

Setting yourself goals and what you’d like to achieve makes studying become more managed and achievable. Rewarding feels of achievement and accomplishment is easy when you’ve set yourself goals.

Capped study sessions.

Studying is more effective if done in smaller capped sessions of 20-30 minutes compared to long stretched hours. Keeping the session short your brain remains alert and in an active state compared to longer sessions.

Say no to all nighters.

Nocturnal study behaviours can lead to poor grades, lower reasoning skills and poor memory skills. Schedule study sessions for yourself at the same time each day to help train your brain.

Ditch the highlighter.

Reading, high lighting and re-reading doesn’t improve the brains ability to absorb information faster. Flash cards on the other hand will increase the information that your brain has processed stay.

If you found any other ways to improve your study skills let us know by commenting below.

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