Did you know that August marks the annual Tradies National Health Month?

Most of us know the niggles, aches, pains, sprains and general soreness that comes with carrying out our daily activities all too well. Thankfully, most of us can rest and recoup when these injuries present to avoid long-term degeneration and further discomfort.

Unfortunately, however, often times our hard working tradies don’t have the luxury of taking the same rest due to the physical demands and expectations of their work.

Why is this a problem?
Whilst accidents, incidents and injuries are anticipated to occur regardless of industry, according to Safe Work Australia statistics tradies represent a staggering 60% of all series workplace injuries but only reflect 30% of the total workforce in Australia!

This is a problem for employees, employers and the general public as these injuries can often leave tradies out of action for extended periods of time and employers with unfinished tasks as well as hefty workers compensation bills – Not to mention it leaves non-tradie folks without their plumber, electrician, etc.

What can be done about this problem?
The onus is on all of us to ensure our tradies start and finish their day in good health.

Employers – Try providing your employees with information to raise awareness and improve knowledge regarding safety and injury prevention (you might even consider establishing a health and safety committee that convenes regularly).

This should be done in conjunction with putting measures in place to ensure the workplace or job sites are assessed and any risks or hazards eliminated or reduced.

Employees – Take the message of workplace health and safety and its importance to your employer! Explain how placing a spotlight on this issue will benefit the workplace and express the potential severe consequences that ensue following a lack of attention on tradie health.

Lead the charge with workmates by starting conversations about health and exchange concerns and suggestions surrounding your working conditions/environment. Make sure you also complete stretches before, during and after your daily work to minimize the risk of muscle related injuries!

Try to incorporate some of the stretches demonstrated in the graphic shown – You’d be surprised how much they may help!

Remember that tradie health and safety affects us all – That’s why the Tradie National Health Month is the perfect opportunity to spread the message and shine a light on the pressing issues affecting so many hard-working tradies on a daily basis.

For more information on Tradie National Health Month, click here.